Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lucky Wednesday

I had a track meet today and my number was 606. 6 is my lucky number. (I was born on June 6 you see).

Then I opened up my well worn copy of Slaughter House-Five, which is one of my favorites, and found a ten dollar bill between the first page and the front cover.

However, my lucky black hair ribbon has been missing for some time now. I'm counting on finding it before bed tonight.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My thoughts concerning time

Time will run, and we will hear its steady steps, so lonesome and weary; plodding blindly on to oblivion.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oh my, how the world still dearly loves a cage

Harold and Maude, one of my favorite movies.

"You know, at one time, I used to break into pet shops to liberate the canaries. But I decided that was an idea way before its time. Zoos are full, prisons are overflowing...oh my, how the world still dearly loves a cage."

It's brilliant. It's also quite funny in its own way. Oh and the soundtrack is all done by Cat Stevens, absolutely to die for. Watch it next time you have too much homework to do so you watch a movie instead. It's worth watching, promise.

SICK at the worst possible time

I'm sick. Although I've a million other things I should be doing, my day has consisted mainly of laying on my couch thinking.

"So I drifted back away, on my homemade hot air balloon, with my heavy imagination in tow, dangling on a string beneath me."