Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm seasick

Highschool is a cage. We're all so close, like in a boxing ring. There's boys and girls and cliques and other cliques and who's dating who? Or mostly, who made out with who and when and didn't they already have another boyfriend/girlfriend? Or why did he make out with her or why do they even hang out with eachother, really? Didn't she cheat on him with him while he was cheating on her with her? I can't believe she wore that or went there or is best friends with such and such. She's insecure and he's stupid and she's a cheerleader and he's a nerd.


I just feel like we could all be best friends if we tried. Or maybe were already trying?

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  1. While I was in California, I made a list of 37 things I hate about high school.

    Then I realized, it was one thing: 1.) Everyone in high school is basically blinded by one thing or another.