Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pluto IS a planet

I am slowly training myself in the art of being alone. I like people much too much and have the most difficult of times in solitude, mostly because I'm terribly impatient and generally uncreative as far as personal entertainment goes. When I'm alone I read a book, which I now count as cheating because while reading a book I'm really not alone at all.

Tonight I sat in my front room. I cleaned my bedroom. I listened to my mix cd from Noah. I wrote some lines. I got dressed and then got dressed again. I changed my shoes. I sat on my front porch.I looked for my lost hair bow. I sat on my couch. I sat and thought. I had my whole empty house to fill up with my thinking.

"I'll see you sometime, sometimes lonely isn't sad."

Try hanging out with yourself on a Saturday night.

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