Monday, June 20, 2011

Once I lost everything on my ipod.

And I cried.

Damn computers and their confusing questions and severe and untimely consequences of accidental button clicks. Now all my precious music is floating around somewhere in oblivion and little fragments of it are entering unsuspecting heads. If you find yourself humming random bits of Ra Ra Riot or The Cure or perhaps quietly singing, "gold teeth and a curse for this town are all in my mouth..." then I may be the one to blame. Sometimes fate is an ugly design. I want my music back.

And off we went to Canada.


  1. Come to my house and I'll give you back all of the music I can/you want. Thats the most tragic of events.

  2. That's incredibly awful. When you get back from Canada, come over and I'll give you hundreds of lovely, lovely new songs.