Friday, July 1, 2011

Lucy took the long way home.

You can find out nearly everything that needs be known about a new person by a number of first impression questions. You're introduced to someone and you subtly lay on them this series of questions which will, give or take, allow you to make a fairly good judgment moving forward.

Question #1 What's your favorite color?

Though a seemingly typical inquiry, favorite colors can reveal much about a person . Some may say "blue" or "green" or "yellow", while others elaborate "sky blue", "sea foam green", "mustard yellow." People can also be easily divided into the green/yellow or pink/red/purple families, with blue somewhere in the middle. The blue people are always extra tricky.

Question #2 What's your favorite book?

The real question hiding behind question #2 is "do you read?" There are readers and non-readers and a gap the size of Alaska in between.

Question #3 If you had a tattoo, what would it be and where?

Tattoo's are of relative importance and we can indirectly find through said question what the person finds important (or what they would like to display as important). Also, are they creative or do they want a butterfly on their right ankle?

Question #4 What is your middle name?

There is a slight difference between middle namers and those without. It's good to know a persons full name.

Question #5 What's your favorite jungle animal?

This question is all about how the subject answers, quickly or hesitantly. The coolest people always have an awesome jungle animal on the tip of their tongue.

People are generally easy to figure out, except for the ones really worth knowing. If you're lucky, after a million questions, you can ask "do you love me?"

Well, do you?

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