Monday, July 4, 2011

Talking shit about a pretty sunset.

I'm much too tired to put my thoughts in to any sort of sequential format. So bear with me as I speak in fragments.

What an overcast 4th of July.

Do you ever hate the caps lock button?

I wish I was a 60's folk singer in the Newport folk music festival: "You ask someone why they like strawberry shortcake, they just do."

The nice thing with wishing for things that probably won't come true is that the wishing is unlimited.

I wish I was there when they set the couch on fire.

Please please look up the Cold War Kids "Hang me up to Dry" music video (You HAVE to watch the video) and then, if you feel like crying, Hospital Beds by the same.

Is anything fun ever going to happen?

Parades are so boring and slightly awful in such a pretty little way. Or maybe it's the theory of parades that I love, which parades are never really like.

"I've changed my mind so much I can't even trust it

My mind changed me so much I can't even trust myself."

-Modest Mouse (title the same as this post)

I want to do and get what I want.

The fireworks oustide sound a little bit like bombs.


  1. Word. About parades.

    And Talkin' Shit About A Pretty Sunset is one of my favourites. I don't think there's anything more satisfying than old, punky Modest Mouse. I live for it.