Monday, August 22, 2011

"Hayley. Walker. You are pure purple."

"Pure purple? Expound."

"Synesthesia.* Purest purple on the branch baby. That's just what you arrrre. Look up the symbolism of purple if you'd like."

So I did.

A bit on the color purple:

Purple symbolizes royalty, magic and mystery. It's a mix of hot red and cool blue. It is the only color that black and white communicate through, as it lets in access to both light and dark. Only in purple does light reach down to dark. Purple has been historically used as a sign of mourning, and can sometimes be considered unlucky. Violet, or purple, is at the top of the color spectrum and it vibrates at the highest frequency. Purple is a color or spirituality and wealth.

I was flattered to be called the color purple after my extensive research produced the above results. I even got some purple boots at Decades, and read to my little brother, Harold and the Purple Crayon.

*ALSO, check this out on synesthesia. I'm terribly envious of synesthetics. Isn't that crazy?

He quickly set sail. And the moon sailed along with him.

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