Sunday, August 14, 2011

We're off to see the wizard...

I'm going to start spelling like an Englander, "colour" instead of "color" and that sort of thing. Then maybe I'll start talking like one too. While I'm at it I might chop my hair and get a tattoo and change my name.

List of names I would like to change mine to if I at some point needed a disguise (or became famous):



Sometimes I think about waking up and being a different person. And this whole life is just some extremely elaborate dream. I'm tricked into memories but really this whole story has only been happening for a little while inside someone elses head which is really my head, but I'm not me I'm the person who's dreaming all of this.

I categorize things into surreal and extra real. Tonight was extra real in the cemetery with all the lightning and holding hands and the wind. The wind liked playing with my hair tonight, maybe I won't cut it after all.

No, we were. We are.

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