Saturday, October 22, 2011

Call me Ms Wild

Days are composed of what they are composed of.

Today is half-sharpened pencils and bitten nails and an all-to-early ACT test with the assistance of a lucky black hair ribbon. It's math questions and science questions. Today is button down blue shirts and bluer eyes and matching Zuriick shoes. And it's laughing in an elevator. Today is introductions. Today is Bob Dylan's greatest hits and garage sale gifts and phone calls. Today is a roller skating rink.

Today is today because of the things that make it so.

Yesterday was Sundance. Yesterday was a pretty picnic and a deer spotting and a dark blue cardigan he lent me to cover my bare arms. Yesterday was flimsy shoes and a Ford explorer. Yesterday was fall- fall in all it's unassuming red, orange, and yellow haze. Yesterday was two teenagers. Yesterday was the return to civilization.

Things aren't constrained by the days and yesterdays that hold them. They're free of time and space and they simply are.

Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

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