Saturday, November 26, 2011

If my words were big enough for the things I'm trying to say they would be settled in the sand at the bottom of the ocean and stretch to scrape the big blue sky. Hell, they'd be tall enough to reach the moon. They'd fill this place like they've filled up my body, because I'm so full.

And I've considered a million ways to say this, but I just really do love my friends. I love them for reasons that would blacken all the white space within my reach upon writing them. I love them because I'm so incredibly lucky to have them. I love them for giving me bits of them and taking bits of me. I love them because they're people that I love. And amongst all of this, that's what important. I love them because we're friends, you know?

And I'm sorry that's the best I can do, but it's sincere. I wish I had more to give back. I wish I could take this feeling and box it up and wrap it with a ribbon and a bow to place on all of your doorsteps, so you could understand what you've really done for me.

And yes, I'm talking to YOU.

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