Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jane sang like a bird.

When I lay in the rain this morning I wished I was a window. I love windows streaked with rain. My skin was laced prettily with the water, but rain looks better on glass.

When you don't sleep every thing feels like a dream. I don't mind it, the hazy sleep/wakefulness. I embrace confusion like an old friend. If you're mind didn't have things to toy with and figure out then things would be dull anyway. I'd rather have cardiac arrest over something important than sheer boredom over nothing at all. Sometimes things are prettier through sleepy eyes. Sometimes things make sense while half awake that are puzzling come morning. Sometimes I wake up and smile and think "WHAT?" Sometimes I wish there weren't so many people around to disturb and be disturbed.

Another reason I wish I was a window is so people would be more careful; glass is fragile. I like being held like I'm fragile, too.

What are you thinking?

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