Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Someone once said:
"I wish people wouldn't use the word love so freely."

And I say:
Use the word love freely! Love freely! For heavens sake, love anything and everything you can love. Love is not something to be hoarded, like an old miser and his gold. Love shouldn't be kept safe in the hollow of your chest. The only love you have is the love you make, the love you give. The more people you love, the more love is your own. Love is multiplied not divided. Say I love you before you hang up the phone, and before you fall into sleep, and whenever it comes into your head. Say it out loud and write it down. There's so many people to love! There is so much love that will find you. There is much love to be found. So please, love and love and love. All you need is love.

"I know this's some hippie shit but if everyone loved and accepted themselves we probably wouldn't war." -Sara Silverman

And by all means, love yourself.

Ra Ra Riot