Saturday, November 5, 2011

On the Art of Entertaining Yourself in the Back Row of Math Class:(a how-to guide)

1. Write little letters in your spiral bound notebook entitled "Math Notes" to random people you're never actually going to deliver the letters too.
2. Make a fortune teller out of paper and predict your own future.
3. Spark spontaneous conversation with your subconscious.
4. Spark spontaneous conversation with the German foreign exchange student a couple seats away (or any similarly interesting person).
5. Meditate.
6. Take a nap on your English novel and try and absorb the words through osmosis.
7. Assign each person in your entire math class with their animal look-alike.
8. Pretend to be a major punk/bad ass and act accordingly.
9. Pick out the interesting math subjects such as imaginary numbers and infinity and ponder them on a non-math level.
10. Imagine gifts you would give to each of your best friends if you had all the money in the world in which to purchase them.
11. Examine the outdoors through the window that looks onto the atrium.
12. Contemplate freedom from the public education system.

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